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USAutomatic Sprinkler and the Fire Protection Contractors Coalition Oppose Indiana Building Code Change that Eliminate Fire Sprinklers in Certain Occupancies
(CARMEL, IN) - USAutomatic Sprinkler Corporation, a fire protection company specializing in complete Life Safety System Services announces the proposed change to the Indiana Building Code that would allow for the elimination of fire sprinklers in R-2 and R-3 occupancies under certain conditions was not adopted. Indiana State Representatives from the Veterans Affairs and Public Safety Committee as well as Indiana Fire Protection Contractors Coalition, the National Fire Sprinkler Association and the Indiana Fire Services educated and encouraged the commission to reconsider keeping this important life safety provision in the Building Code.

The Commission proposed to Amend Section 903.2.7 by adding an exception to read as follows:
Exception: In Group R-2 and R-3 Occupancies, sprinklers may be deleted when all the following conditions are met: (A) The building shall contain only R-2 or R-3 Dwelling units. (B) The building shall be not more than two stories in height. (C) The building shall not exceed the area permitted for a Group R-2 by Table 503 and any area increase permitted by Section 506.1 for frontage. Fire walls, or any other fire-resistive construction, shall not be permitted to be used for area increase. (D) A two hour fire wall constructed in accordance with Section 705 shall separate each two dwelling units, and all other dwelling units shall be separated from each other by a one hour fire barrier constructed in accordance with Section 706. (E) Each dwelling unit shall have its own separate and independent means of egress to the exterior. (F) Every attached garage shall be constructed entirely of one hour fire-resistive construction. (G) 'NO GRILLING' signs shall be posted on all patios and balconies.

Many letters and emails opposing this change were sent to commission members
The following is a reprint of the letter Mr. R. Bruce Agan, President of USAutomatic Sprinkler Corporation and Chairman of the Fire Protection Contractors Coalition sent to Mr. David P. Hannum, P.E., Chairman Fire Prevention and Building Safety Commission and Ms. Mara Snyder, Fire Prevention and Building Safety Commission Legal Services: 'Dear Mr. Hannum and Ms. Snyder: It has come to my attention that the Commission is considering amending the Indiana Building Code, Section 903.2.7 allowing the elimination of fire sprinklers in R-2 and R-3 Occupancies under certain conditions. I strongly disagree with this amendment. There is no active life safety building tradeoff that substitutes for fire sprinklers. Fire sprinklers are effective, reliable, affordable and they save lives. This amendment rolls back the progress made in the life safety arena for R Occupancies and is clearly not in the public interest. Additionally, there is much misinformation about the cost of 13R Fire Sprinkler Systems. I have seen quotes from those that oppose active fire sprinkler life safety systems in residential occupancies misrepresent the cost from $4.00 to $15.00 per foot for new construction. Most 13R systems are constructed in the $1.75 to $2.50 per foot range. In the brief time it took to research, check and write this letter ninety-seven residential fires occurred in the United States. Most fire deaths occur in the home and at night. The best public policy justification for not amending Section 903.2.7 is to protect the public from harm. Those on the commission that vote for the elimination of fire sprinklers are putting the public in harm's way. Please do not amend Section 903.2.7. The data does not exist to justify the elimination of fire sprinklers from R Occupancies.'

Mr. Agan extends a special thank you to Coalition support from Jerry Ryan and Mark Riffey, Ryan Fire Protection; Jon Ackley, Dalmatian Fire Protection; and John Peters of KJ Funke Fire Protection. Additionally, a thank you is extended to Ron Brown, NFSA Regional Manager, and David L. Bowman, Ph.D., CFSM, Executive Director of the Florida Fire Sprinkler Association a Chapter of the National Fire Sprinkler Association and all of the Indiana Fire Service Professionals that forcefully testified before the commission.

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